Born in 1966, Frédéric Lebain lives and works in France. He received the FNAC « Attention Talent » award in 2001 and the Villa Medicis Hors Les Murs (Japan) prize in 2008.

His photographic work has been featured in a number of personal and group shows in France and abroad. He has published a number of works, including Mes Vacances avec Holga for Lomography, the result of a photographic journey using a Chinese camera entirely made of plastic, from the case to the lens and the trigger. The photos from this device named Holga feature distortion, misting, vignetting and other forms of interference.

As a graduate of the Ferrandi French School of Culinary Arts, Fred Lebain has carved himself an enviable reputation in the world of culinary photography and design. His art is consumed with misdirection and he imagines elegant, bold and playful compositions for stylish magazines and luxury brands.  

At the same time, our man of taste develops his own photographic projects. With his subtle combinations of poetry and humor, he offers a sideways look at daily scenes and objects. He loves to combine aesthetic visions and technical discoveries.

In 2006, Fred transformed his studio into an experimental workshop that would combine his culinary and photographic talents, in order to create his now famous Freddie et la Chocolaterie series. All of his chosen objects are from his personal collection and a large number of them will provide a touch of sweet nostalgia... Sweeter for the fact that the processes involves coating in chocolate, a period of refrigeration, then spraying with hot chocolate using an airbrush, to produce these monochrome pieces with a velvety finish and an enigmatic purity.

Having already demonstrated his passion for Japan with the Irasshaimase project in 2003, Fred spent three months in Tokyo for a Médicis Hors les Murs residency. He has been working on his latest concept, “unimaginable cuisine”, consisting of replicas of food in resin. Clearly you aren’t always what you eat...