Chantal Stoman is a French, Paris-based photographer.

Her work started with fashion photography and her clichés have been published in the French and international press. Since several years, her work is now part of an approach which allowed her to acquire recognition in the art world.

During her first trip to Tokyo in 2005, she was fascinated by the special relationship Japanese women have with European luxury and fashion, so she decided to start a personal project, A Woman's Obsession, for which an international exhibition and the publication of a book ensured a great success.

Her following research, Lost Highway, A Photo Project, carried out on the highways crossing the great cities of the world, has also been initiated in Japan, and was continued in São Paulo, Cairo, Hong Kong and Bombay. This project focuses on the proximity of these roads from places and ways of living that are far apart.

The first part of this project, realized in Tokyo, was exhibited in 2009 at the Nuit Blanche in Paris where it was set up for a monumental exhibition in the corridors of the metro station Châtelet, Paris’ main subway hub. 

In 2012, it has been exhibited in the prestigious Palais de Chaillot, Cité de l’Architecture et du Patrimoine of Paris, during the Mois de la Photo. Since then, the exhibition has been traveling. In Mumbai, Lost Highway, Lightbox project was presented at the Bonjour India Festival. In Kyoto, Lost Highway, Video Project was screened at the Manga Museum during the 2013 Nuit Blanche. Again in Paris, both photo and video projects were presented at the House of Architecture for the Festival City & Cinema 2015 before Lost Highway continues its route to the United States and Southeast Asia in 2016 and 2017.

Chantal Stoman’s latest project, L’Image Culte was initiated in spring 2013 during a stay at the Villa Medicis in Roma and aims to observe the position of the image in roman Faith. The project has been released in October 2014 in Roma, with an important exhibition at the Istituto Nazionale per la Grafica for the Fotografia Festival. Then it has been presented in Paris during the Mois de la Photo 2014.

A Woman’s Obsession, Lost Highway and L'Image Culte were purchased by the French National Library (BNF) for the national public collections.

Chantal Stoman’s images are realized with analogical films in the tradition of the classical fine art photography.