An eternal epicurean, Vincent likes telling tales, laughter and frivolity, but doesn’t like drugs. His only vice is the grape, which he consumes without moderation.

Vincent has been going to fashion shows for 15 years. He has worked directly for the biggest brands (Dior, Hermès, Chanel) and is on first name terms with the worlds of advertising and cuisine.

In 2009, he travels in Georgia and falls in love with this country where he takes images of Tbilisi which will become a “Portraits de Villes”.

With the young photographer Julien Mignot, Vincent co-founded the « J A C Q V F» studio: “J'Adore Ce Que Vous Faites!” (“I love what you do”) – more than a simple gimmick, it existed in the world of fashion shows fifteen years ago. Two young photographers meet, hoping to make a living from photography and even found their own agency. Today, this is a reality.

Vincent is a talented photographer who travels around by bicycle. He is just as comfortable with Laetitia Casta as he is dancing round the Boulevard Périphérique. He has a Breton fear of the studio, and just like his fellow Bretons, he has excellent taste. He is Artistic Director of the studio.