Vincent Fournier was born in 1970 in Ouagadougou and after Brittany, London and Brussels, he is currently living in Paris. After graduating with a sociology degree and a Masters in Visual Arts, Vincent obtains in 1997 a diploma from the National School of Photography in Arles. His photographic work is shown in various galleries in the world, and has come along for a few years with other techniques such as 3D printing, video or installations.

Watch the stars, travel in the space, build new worlds, make the alive or reprogram it, see beyond the visible... His work offers a journey in some of the most representative utopias of the 20th and 21st centuries. In these imaginary archives, the memory works in both directions – or as says the White Queen in Alice in Wonderland: in the past but also in the future. A world in which we remember what did not arise yet – of what will happen tomorrow. Result of a long preparation and an attraction for opposites, his works are poetic and accurate, freely fed by film and literary inspirations. Fascinated by science, technologies and their mysteries, Vincent's installations explore its fictional and wonderful potential.