Artus de Lavilléon, born in 1970, is an artist whose work focuses on both the “brutal depiction of experience” and the “archiving of the everyday”.

Artus lives and works in Paris. He is a complex person with a complicated nature. He is very well known in the worlds of fashion and skateboarding. Above all, he is an artist in the truest sense of the word.

Best known for his large black and white drawings, he has worked on many projects: exhibitions, installations, performances, photography, books, fanzines and plays, and has also founded various facilities and magazines.

Known by the media for having spent three weeks in the window of the Printemps store and his Consumerism performance for Citadium, he is the founder of the Art Posthume movement that values life over art, amateurism over the professionalism of nothingness, and the right “not to do to be, but to be for being”.

“I had a wonderful childhood and a difficult adolescence. I went abroad and I came back, I launched a skateboarding magazine, one ultra-cool shop then another, helped a lot of artists and gallery owners, lived in the window of a department store and took part in an illegal billionaires’ motor race across the globe, have been lauded and detested in the press... In short I have lived and shared. Eventually, all of this allowed me to “launch” an artistic movement with my friends. I had simply put my name to this thing that has always been inside me: the certainty of having something to say that affects every one of us.”