Patrick Messina was born in 1967. He is a graduate from the École Louis Lumière and lives and works in Paris. Landscapes and portraits, press and publicity, Patrick Messina has imposed his own language in a range of fields: all of the touchstones of our daily lives are scrutinized, magnified and called into question simultaneously. 

In parallel to his commissioned photography, Patrick has been working on a long-term landscape photography project for several years, based on experiments with scale and perspective that give no indication of the cities or landscape depicted, creating a sense of unreality.

He is one of the four founders of the France(s) Territoire Liquide project, a collective investigation into the French landscape that began in 2011 under the artistic direction of Paul Wombell. The project as a whole was featured in a film and in exhibitions.

Since the start of his career, Patrick Messina has worked with the darkroom, where creative possibilities have allowed to invent a universe that is recognizable to us all, whose images offer a reduced field of clarity and an unusual blurring of boundaries.