Born in 1968, Martin Bruno divides his time between fashion photography, reporting and advertising work.

Macao, Hong Kong, Tokyo, the Arizona desert, the Faeroe Islands or the wilderness of Iceland: Martin Bruno is best described as a roaming photographer. Reporting from his solitary journeys, he captures landscapes, hills, prairies and faces by chance, during their brief and fragile moment of “illumination”. From one moment of grace to another, he has compiled a personal portfolio inspired by the beauty that exists everywhere in the world. A dedicated user of the darkroom, he often works in a medium format: “The film I use, standard yellow Kodak, can turn into ingots of gold in my secret laboratory. As I travel, I covet them, fantasizing about what I might be able to achieve with them on my return.”

Martin Bruno has worked for a number of prestigious publications such as Milk, Jalouse, Elle, Technikart, GQ, Le Monde 2, and on advertising campaigns for brands such as Orange UK, Galeries Lafayette, Europacorp, Eurodisney, etc.