Ludovic Parisot, born in 1972, was a Paris-based photographer with cosmopolitan interests. His work was divided between studio still life photography and his series based on architecture, mechanics and locations marked by these activities. As a former transport professional, he retained from those years an interest in construction and the road, and beyond that, a perspective on the potential energy displayed by all bodies at rest or in movement. This dual focus of his work was attached to every accessory, object and landscape seen through his lens, appearing filled with powerful energy, hidden beneath a massive exterior or in full movement.

His series managed to have a balance between monumentality and speed, sweeping lines and blurred edges, smooth surfaces and vaporous elements. Every aspect and every location form part of a work defined by its chromatic purity, interweaving, suspension, fading to white and the deepest black, smoke indoors or mists outside. Highly sensitive to atmosphere, transparency and climate issues, he crafted his images bound by self-imposed restrictions, the need for variation and sophistication. As a believer in the minute and patient observation of things, it was through his highly technical sense of image and lighting that he sought the means to transcend them. This led to compositions based around tension, with great sensitivity towards the essential: the subject.

Ludovic passed away too early in August 2016.